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Connector Improvement: Ability to rename destination schema prefix

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    This would be super helpful for us too. We have tens of connectors, and as the business changes, we realised that many of the schema names where we land don't make sense anymore.

    Today, the only solution is to delete the connector and re-create it, which would require re-syncing all the data. It would be great if either solution could be done:

    • Give permissions to Fivetran to issue an ALTER SCHEMA command in order to rename it.
    • Allow us to provide a new schema to Fivetran, which would then copy the tables from the old schema and proceed syncing the data in the new schema. It would be more manual, given that a user would need to create the new schema and delete the old one, but it would already be much better than the current approach.

    Hello, thanks for the feedback and for the suggestions on implementing this!

    This is something that we are thinking about. 

    I would be interested in knowing what you would want to happen to the connector name if you change the schema name – would you want it to be changed to reflect the new name as well? Or would you just want the ability to change the schema name? 



    Hi Lyndsey,

    We don't depend on the connecter name for anything other than to find them on the Fivetran site, so renaming them would be fine for us. It would actually be confusing for the connector to be called like the old schema but to actually write to the new one.



    Thanks for that feedback, Dani. I'll let you know on here when we start looking at something like this!