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Connector Improvement: Freshservice ticket stats: closed_at, resolved_at and first_responded_at time

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    Hi Eugenio - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. I think this is a worthwhile addition to the connector. I would be curious to know a bit more about your use case and what you are you using these fields to analyze. 

    I'll add this to our backlog and continue to monitor for demand. 



    Hey Erin,

    Thank you for your reply. 

    The use case is about being able to monitor key metrics for Customer Success, such as average/median time to respond to a ticket, average/median time to resolve a ticket, etc.

    This is fundamental to gather insights on operational performance and workload, as at the moment we are only able to measure volumes, and we don't have any information about how long it takes to deal with the different tickets.

    Many thanks,


    Stopping by to upvote this as well. Unfortunately, we are resorting to a custom connector in another third-party platform to gather these specific stats (i.e., closed_at, resolved_at, first_responded_at time, etc.). I am disappointed this is not presently accessible via the Freshservice connector here.

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