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Dashboard Improvement: Alerts don't go away on their own, they looks scary

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    Hi Jake, 

    We recently released a new feature which enables bulk actions – in the scenario that you mention, once the destination is fixed, you could use the filters on our connector list to select all the connectors related to that destination and use the action "Sync Now".

    If this resolves the error on connector (which it should based on what you've described), then the errors would resolve and the connectors would all return to "Active" and their normal sync schedules. 


    Hi Jake, 

    Sorry for the delayed response here – I just checked your account and it seems like the Alert has since resolved. Is that true? 

    What might have happened here is that the Alert is on the destination, which means it would also potentially affect the connectors that are syncing to that destination. This would have caused the Error to continue to show until all the connectors had synced again, even after you actioned the Error. At that point, it should have resolved – but would love to confirm whether that happened. 

    To give some background, we allow users to dismiss Warnings, if they decide not to action them, but since Errors actually stop data flowing, we want those to be resolved, rather than just dismissed. 




    Connector Experience PM