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Connector Improvement: Being able to have multiple google cloud functions per schema

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    Hi Filip,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback.

    Can you tell me more about how you use google cloud functions that need you to need to have multiple functions write into the same schema?

    We currently have some strict rules that ensure one connector never accidentally overwrites another connector, which is why this limitation exists today.

    Best regards


    Hi Alison, 

    Thanks for getting back! 

    In one area of the data collection that we do with Fivetran, we currently have 4 cloud functions, belonging to the same project. They are collecting data from different sources, which is the reason for having different cloud functions, but are then transformed and merged into one data model. In the future, there will 20-30 of these. Since they belong to the same project it is preferable to have all of them in the same schema, and not to be forced to have 20-30 different schemas. 

    Hope this clarified a bit more.