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Connector Improvement: SurveyMonkey response_answer Timestamp


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    Ray User

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the thoughtful request. It was in fact a design choice to limit this table to the latest values rather than history as responses are not expected to change meaningfully. Your example of reviewing options available at the time of response does make sense though. While we don't have any plans to change this right now, we may look into making more tables available for history mode in the future as part of a broader effort. We'll update this thread once we have more to share.

    Hey Ray,

    Thanks for the response! Understood that it was intentional, but the response_answer itself doesn’t need to be a history table. Even if it’s just tracking the current version (which I agree it should), you need to know what time the answer was submitted to join to the proper dimensions (question_history and response_history). Our hack right now is to use the updated_at timestamp on the response_history record to figure out what question_history record to use. Is this the recommended approach?