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Connector Improvement: Netsuite2 nexttransactionlinelink Change to incremental

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    Hi Paul - 

    Thanks for submitting this request. I see your screenshot below, however for those two records both have the same values for the 4 fields you state are the primary key. Was this record deleted? I'm not sure if i understand the situation for these 2 records. At this time though, Netsuite doesn't denote a primary key or composite Primary Key for this table. 



    That is kind of my point.  The last modified date is the only thing that changes.

    The point of the table, it to provide the relationship between documents, so we can link Sales Order Line with the subsequent, Invoice Lines, purchase order lines, etc.

    The only difference between the Fivetran version of this table, and my source Netsuite2 table was the additional lines for the last modified dates.  But again, even where that date changed, the underlying columns I highlighted did not.

    It seems ridiculous to have over 5mm columns each month in MAR, where the overwhelming majority of them have not changed.

    Happy to jump on a quick call to discuss.

    Did this ever get resolved?    I've been looking at this as a candidate to replicate but without a primary key, I'm not keen to pay high MAR cost each month for it.