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Other: Adding columns channel level all tables...

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    any update on following issue:


    Hi FiveTran Team,

    We want to add some common business-related columns for all channel tables instead of adding each and every table to keep track of replication of records.we checked most of the available features of HVR and we didn't find relevant of action/transform to serve the purpose.we want to double check with product team whether our understand is correct or not,so that you can guide us to move direct direction to fulfill the our business needs by adding additional columns all channel tables instead of adding table(approximately 1800 tables).,.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hi Nageswar,

    With HVR you can add a column to every table by defining an action at the group level ( For example, to add a column update_ts_replication to every table on the target you would create a single action similar to:

    ColumnProperties Name=update_ts_replication Extra IntegrateExpression={hvr_integ_tstamp} Datatype=timestamp

    Note that to get good performance during a refresh when using IntegrateExpression you should use a function that is included in $HVR_HOME/etc/constsqlexpr.pat.

    Hope this helps,