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Connector Improvement: Coupa Connector - Rejection Data Needed in Easy Form Response Table


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    Hi Vanshika,

    After reviewing the API documents, I believe this information is already provided in the EASY_FORM_WIDGET_DATA table in our connector. You can view how this table is connector in our ERD

    If you look at easy form widget responses API endpoint from Coupa, the responses are structured as shown below. You would need to look for a row with the field-name same as the field name you are looking for. 

    "easy-form-widget-responses": [
          "id": 13584,
          "field-name": "lookup_1",
          "answer": "San Francisco"
          "id": 13585,
          "field-name": "child_easy_form_widget_2",
          "answer": {
            "child-easy-form-responses": [

    If you are still unable to find this information, please reply here. 

    Hi Vanshika - 

    Thanks for submitting this feature request. I don't currently see a "rejected_at" field in the Coupa API for Easy Form data. Do you know if this is a custom field you've added to your Easy Form template, or is this a field that isn't shown in the API documentation? Any assistance you can provide will help us greatly. 



    Hi Eric,

    Please refer the attached screenshot. This screenshot is from the Coupa Supplier Form where “The last rejected at/ Rejected?” Fields can be seen.

    Currently, we are using Coupa Fivetran Connector and we assume that “The last rejected at/ Rejected?” information should be available in easy_form tables as below-

    If not, could you please confirm the data availability/best possible way to fetch this information via Fivetran connector as we would like to fetch this information in the underlying snowflake tables asap.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vanshika Bhati