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Connector Improvement: Removal of Core tables from Twilio Connector


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    Hi Jasmyn - Looks like there is a similar feature request here.

    The ability to deselct tables can vary from source to source depending on the API structure and how the data is modeled from those endpoints. 

    At this time we don't have this improvement planned. We will continue to monitor for demand for this feature. 


    Hi Erin,

    Yes - similar to that other ticket. For us, it's the execution and execution_step tables that are the bulk of the MAR. Completely understand that it depends on the API structure, but what I do know is that with Airbyte, I'm able to only select the table I need and the cost is significantly lower. I hope Fivetran is able to update this in the future, as we'd love to keep tooling consolidated where possible.