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Connector Improvement: Add Missing Guest Customer Data

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    Hi David, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Thanks for this request. Can you clarify which connector this is for?

    Apologies - this is for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud connector:

    ticket reference: 116509

    Hey David,

    Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for the reply.

    To make sure I'm understanding the request, can you please confirm the following:

    • Currently, the CUSTOMER table does NOT sync the 'customerNo' field for "guests". It does, however, populate other fields including 'customerId' (see Customers API endpoint). Is that correct?
    • You are looking to obtain the 'customerNo' field from the ORDERS_HISTORY table, which is available in the API response via the "customerInfo" object. Is that also correct? Are you able to confirm whether the 'customerNo' field is synced for "guests" from this endpoint?

    Once the above is confirmed, this seems like a fairly straightforward ask. I'll look to see if we can prioritize this in the current quarter. 

    For my reference, can you please elaborate on why your team leverages 'CustomerNo' and not the 'CustomerId' field?

    Hi Calvin -

    Are you able to see the full context in ticket #116509?  It's been a while, but I believe the issue is that it's not possible to get any info about a guest customer currently given they aren't synced at all to the customer table.

    The response from the Engineering team in that ticket was:


    I can't remember exactly why we needed the customerNo field - but that field is the one that is more often exposed in the Salesforce Admin.  I hadn't seen this long string ID until we started extracting data via API through 5T. 

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