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Connector Improvement: Amazon DSP Account support within Amazon Ads connector


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  • Official comment

    Hi, Luke from the Product team here. 

    We're working on a new Amazon DSP connector now. We're looking for early testers to help us build this faster. Please respond to this feature request if you're willing to participate.


    Hi Sagar Varute, Calvin from the Product team here!

    Thanks for this request. We are looking to create an Amazon DSP connector in a future quarter, however, there's currently no timeline we can commit to. With that said, this is at the top of our roadmap and I'll update here once we have the bandwidth to take it up.

    Hi Luke, 

    We'd love to get involved in the Amazon DSP connector testing on our account. Happy to be in the testing pool!

    Thank you!

    Hi Lucas,

    I'd like to be a tester for the Amazon DSP. We just started running campaigns a few months ago.




    We'd also be interested in this once it's available!