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Other: HVR6 UI Search box improvement

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    Hi Mark,

    We delivered this enhancement in version 6.1.0/23.

    Thank you,


    Please note that the Edit button on the refresh and compare dialogs is meant to edit the list of tables. The UI was designed to select from the list. If you have your own list then you could supply this list. However, I see your point that you do not know how HVR mapped the SAP table name to an HVR repository table name that we expect you to list.

    If you could use the regular browser Find function to find your table, would that satisfy your requirement?


    Hi Mark, 

    problem is when there is a huge list of tables the edit button on the refresh is case sensitive and does not consider "/". i still need to convert the tables name to lower case and tables with "/" to _.  If this is there is no improvement ,then it will be similar to hvr5 that we need to manually find and check tables one by one.  can there be an option to show the hvr table base name? this would help solve the tables with "/" 

    using  browser function to search table one at a time is inefficient and prone to human error


    Hi Marks!

    Did you know that you can filter tables on Tables area (accessible by clicking on a table icon in a left sidebar navigation pane), select them, and then pick "Refresh Data" (or "Compare Data", or "Activate Replication") from the top-right ellipsis menu?, select channel first, to enable Refresh/Compare/Activate options. Here, the filter will respect base name (it actually searches table name, base name and table group, hope this does not create issues for you) and will cause case-insensitive, and "/"-friendly-search as well. Would that be a solution? In this approach, the list of tables in the Refresh dialog will exactly match those selected on the Tables page.

    Picking up tables from Tables area also has other benefits: you may want to skip them depending on what you see in Recent Refresh/Compare column.

    @Oleksandr Shyshkin you mean to say if I have 100+ or more tables to refresh/compare/activate i would need to put them in the search box 100 times and check them one by one? 

    @Mark Ericson Que: if you have some sort of a common prefix/suffix, you can also exploit it. If you want to have base names sorted, that's also possible. You previously asked if base name can be shown: there is a column BASE NAME on Tables list which is initially hidden and needs to be turned on in Columns drop-down, top-right. After you sorted, you can select/navigate over an alphabetically sorted set. Shift-click also works for multiple selection.

    For the first refresh, you may need to do that manually, right. There are 2 ways to not do this selection again: first one is assigning table group to it (and use Table Group filter in future), second one is "Copy Table Names" in the top-right ellipsis menu and storing this list somewhere, these names (HVR table names) are directly pasteable in the multiline input on Refresh/Compare/Activate dialogs after you press Edit in the Tables list there

    In simple words, table groups are just text labels associated with a tables, but table unfortunately cannot belong to multiple table groups.

    @Oleksandr Shyshkin thre are no common prefixes as refreshing a table is case to case. Looks likethere is a misunderstanding. As this is a feature request, i was requesting if there was a possible way to use the hvr_tbl_base_name (NOT (HVR table names)  in copy list in activate/refresh/compare dialogs 

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