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Connector Improvement: Add email to slack lite connector

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    Hi Priya,

    Thank you for taking the time to share this feature request with us. Can you please tell me a little bit more about what you mean by add 'email' to the slack connector. Slack is a messaging service, which emails are you referring too and what data would you hope to see in your warehouse?

    Sharing more about your use cases might help and would be super valuable to us.

    Best Regards


    Hi Alison, I am aware that slack is a messaging service. Email is in reference to the user who has signed up. Most of the time, email is the single source of truth for a user's identity because folks can enter any name to identify themselves when signing up for slack. 

    +1 to this, the Slack users profile email is essential to be included in the USERS table so that we can reliably join this data with other downstream user data. 

    +1, we need this to be able to make our slack integration work and tie in with other data sources.

    As a workaround, we implemented our own AWS Lambda connector. We blogged about it here for anyone that may need it. It works well with the lite connector by joining on the slack id.

    Could I get an update on this? 

    Well it looks like Fivetran never followed up but has finally added profile_email in their latest role out. I find it odd how they never updated this ticket if they were working on bringing it in. 

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