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Connector Improvement: Chargebee - Pull custom fields

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    Hey all, I am pleased to let you know that we are currently working on including custom fields and plan to have the release out within the next month our two.

    I will update this support request once we are live with the addition of custom fields. 


    This is critical that we're able to pull custom fields or we're missing out on a lot of data Chargebee offers.

    agreed, this lack of support for custom field makes the connector next to useless (we need to investigate alternative tools because of this).

    Any updates from Fivetran? Is this in the roadmap? if so for when?

    Will this be available in both connector v1 and v2?

    Yep it will be available in v1 and v2!

    Is there a timeline update here? We are going through a Chargebee implementation and the lack of custom fields is causing significant challenges for us

    Hello! Any updates on this feature?

    Any updates on the custom fields? Is there a new release date?

    Necessary feature for us to migrate from Stitch. Please let us know the updated timeline!

    Same need here, notihnig is blocking according the API doc of chargebee.